Good Time Tommy with John Jones Real Estate LLC

I just wanted to take a moment and personally welcome you to the Good Time Tommy team, with John Jones Real Estate LLC, and thank you for the opportunity to represent you in your real estate journey. We view all of our clients as a valued relationship rather than a real estate transaction. With this in mind, we strive to bring you excellence in all we do! This applies to buying a home, selling a home, the contract process, and extends long after the transaction has closed.

We believe when you Know, Like and Trust your agent, you will make more informed decisions. Because of this belief, we will be relentless in getting to know you. Closing over 105 homes in a calendar year, we have proof our systems work.

In response to the more challenging market we have experienced over the years, we have become more determined and assertive with our marketing and technology. Always staying abreast of the newest developments, market trends, and educational opportunities. This has allowed us to be very successful in securing results for our clients.

  • 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur combined with a special skill set in real estate.
  • Closing over 105 contracts in a calendar year.
  • Lifelong resident who grew up with an intimate knowledge of real estate in Murfreesboro.
  • Natural ability to understand the unique challenges the real estate industry can present for people, as well as the expertise to provide the best solution.
  • Endless business relationships resulting in speeding up the real estate process.
  • Created a specific system around my unique abilities of truly educating and coaching clients resulting in informed decisions.

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